Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recycled Tire Belts

New Batch...

Bike Tire Belt made from repuposed tires ridden in San Francisco, CA

Materials: Quality brass snaps and Randonneur tires

I ride a brakeless track bike that uses leg power to slow down and stop. To do this, the rider either slows his pedaling or, for a faster stop, skids the rear tire, by skillfully “whipping” the rear wheel to the right and left, changing the trajectory of momentum and bringing the bike to a stop.

My product:
As you can imagine, the tires wear much quicker when you must rely on them as brakes. So in an attempt to offset the guilt I felt for burning through tires twice a month, I started thinking of ways I could reuse them. I had seen tire phone holsters at bike shops. But I wanted to make something that could be worn by almost anyone that served a useful purpose and had style. The most obvious thing that came to mind, given the shape of tires, was a belt. I hand make all the belts individually from tires ridden in San Francisco.

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